Exclusive Skulliance collection

The Machine Headz is a proud Member of the Skulliance. As a member, we will drop a Skulliance exclusive collection. Only available for members of the Skulliance. We are the Skulliance The mission of the Skulliance is to connect skull art investors with the premier OG skull NFT projects on Cardano and elevate the collective art form and community within the space. The Skulliance consists of the following Cardano NFT projects: H.Y.P.E. - twitter.com/haveyouseenhype Galactico - twitter.com/GalacticoNFT Ohh Meed Shorty Verse - twitter.com/ohh_meed Sinder Skullz - twitter.com/SinderSkullz Kimosabe Art - twitter.com/Nft4R Crypties - twitter.com/cryptiesnft The Skulliance is a product of mutual respect between independent artists on Cardano who are well-versed in creating skull-themed artwork via their own projects. The concept and execution of this alliance have been incubating for quite some time and much thought has been invested into establishing a foundation for inter-mingling these passionate communities and creating opportunities for synergy and collaboration. Join the Skulliance discord. https://discord.gg/JqqBZBrph2


The Skulliance has generously purchased 250K EXO tokens before the seed sale expires. Qualifying projects will be on a two-week rotation and receive guaranteed staking rewards via high league status. For Machine Headz this means a 1.5x multiplier. Read more here.

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