The creation of the Machine Headz project was initially done by a team of 3 people. After we sold out the collection, Kimosabe took on the responsibility of both art creation and community building. This is not an ideal long-term solution though! One important step for Machine Headz Season 2 will be to find a project manager and partner. This search to fill this position is still ongoing. Meque and Shaahin do not have an active role in the project right now.

Kimosabe Kimosabe has worked with graphic design for over 15 years. He is a well-known artist in the Cardano NFT space and has been a part of several collections like Cyberpunk (Seasons 1 & 2), Hell Hounds, Gojira, Symbiotes, Titan Avatars, and Survival Arena. He is the creative mind behind the Machine Headz project and loves to share his spectacular art with the world!

Shaahin Shaahin is a true coding guru. He lives & breathes development. He is a well-known developer in the Cardano space and a co-founder of projects like Pixendo, Time Trotters, Wallet Icon. We were lucky to have his experience on the team. Shaahin handled all aspects of minting and airdrops, but not anymore.

Shaahin currently has no active role in the Machine Headz project.

Meque Meque is a top-tier community manager and an active member of the Cardano space. Her experience as a community moderator speaks volumes about her abilities: Happy Hoppers, Fortune Freaks, Foodies, Lazy Llamas, Raging Reds, Hell Hounds. Meque currently has no active role in the Machine Headz project.

New Co-Founder/partner The project is actively looking for a project manager who wants to take a community lead.

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