👉Ecosystem Intro

It is important to clarify - everything here will NOT be created. For example, there are no plans to create a board game or trading cards right now. After a community vote, the Machine Headz owners wanted more airdrops the most. This means airdrops will be a priority. Does this mean the board game idea is dead? No, but right now it is put on hold.

Suggestions for the future The ecosystem section should be considered as a suggestion for the future. The community will have a say in the future direction of the Machine Headz project. It will be important to not over-promise and stay within the project scope.

After the voting from the community it looks like the most popular option is more airdrops, in 2023 this will be a priority.

We take any suggestions!

But please keep in mind that not all suggestions can become reality due to complexity or cost. For example, we will not create a metaverse or full-scale game. The Machine Headz project strives to set realistic goals and deliver an engaging experience above all else!

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