🧑‍🚀Machine Headz S2

The Machine Headz - Season 2 project will feature even better art! We want to create a jaw-dropping collection with something the Cardano community has never seen before. This collection will be desirable, not only because of the top-tier artwork, but the utility attached to it.

To do this we will focus on 6 key aspects:

Season 2 goals:

  1. Superior Art - Taking the lessons I have learned from working on previous collections, I plan to elevate the art to surpass all previous releases and delight holders!

  2. Advanced Animations - Animations will be fully integrated into the Machine Headz art and not simply a background element.

  3. Utility - Season 2 will add funds to add extra utility to the whole series, this means season 1 owners will benefit as well.

  4. Team Expansion - Season 2 calls for project team expansion so that Kimosabe can concentrate more on artistic aspects such as design and creation. Specifically, the team needs a leader for community engagement as well as a technical resource for blockchain activities.

  5. Lore Expansion and comic - This will happen over time, but the goal is to expand the Machine Headz lore to complement the elevation of the artwork in Season 2. This will happen with a comic book/graphic novel.

  6. Add metal music - One goal is to find metal bands to collaborate with to add some metal music to the collection. The art is metal-inspired so hopefully, we can find bands that want to add some sounds. So far we have one Swedish metal band interested, they create hard aggressive music - perfect for our Machine Headz. Nothing will be revealed yet; hopefully, we can find a couple more interested bands.

  7. Airdrops to owners - After the community vote more airdrops were the most liked alternative. This means more airdrops will happen in S2. Art example? So far this will be a secret, but I got some sketches ;)

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