More airdrops is coming to Machine Headz!

YES! After the voting from the community it looks like the most popular option is more airdrops, in 2023 this will be a priority. More airdrops is coming. Here you can see the results of the voting.

Completed airdrops

Since the Machine Headz project is primarily art-focused, we decided our first utility for owners should also be art-focused: More art! It was an easy decision to make and aligned perfectly with the project goals.

Owners of the first Main Drop of Machine Headz from Season 1 are eligible for 2 free airdrops. See the Season 1 section for details. These 2 airdrops will be their own stand-alone collections with new art and their rarity and traits.

Future airdrops?

More airdrops are the natural path for this project to reward holders. Two drops was planned, but after the community vote more airdrops is coming since that was a popular option. As the project progresses more and more, it is likely we will reward owning and holding Machine Headz NFTs in some way, airdrops are an easy way for us to do this.

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