🗺️The World

The beginning

The year 2075 was the peak of mankind. Machines performed all manner of work for humans, from the factory floor to the household. Over time, humans became lazy and complacent, all too happy to have machines do our work for us. Technology corporations built smarter and more powerful machines to meet human demand. But in doing so, Big Tech sealed our fate as a species. In the eyes of the machines, humans had become obsolete. Some humans rebelled and started to build an anti-machine movement, trying to reclaim what humanity once was. Big Tech answered with violence, and ultimately brought about the Machine Headz, a cyborg race of half-human, half-machine organisms. War was inevitable. The only way to survive was to enhance the body with more and more tech. The Android Legion was formed to fight side by side with humanity to defeat Big Tech corporations. Facing defeat, Big Tech released a new weapon. The Ultrons, a new AI designed to wreak war and destruction upon all of humanity. The Android Legion was defeated by the Ultrons, and humanity was forced to flee. The Ultrons, however, was not content with just victory and labored to free themselves from their corporate masters and destroyed every last one of them.

The world as we knew it was no more, from the chaos a new dystopian world was born. A hostile and unforgiving place. From the burning cities, different Machine Headz Clans emerged and started their own societies. The age of man was over, and the age of the Machines had just begun.

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