🔥Comic: Machines of War

This collection will be incorporated into Season 2 of Machine Headz.

Comic: Machines Of War

As the various Machine Headz Clans are at war, the motif for this collection will be Machine Headz fighting in battle. This collection will depict the conflict in a dynamic way. The art will feature a full-body rendering, weapons, fire, explosions, blood, destruction, and death. We are talking about a full battle scene. And all of this with animations to support the action. It will be the perfect combination of mayhem and beauty!

Comic Book

With Season 2, Machine Headz will introduce the first comic book/graphic novel and more of the lore. The distribution will be made digitally to NFT owners. The idea is to airdrop a PDF to owners with the first chapter. At this stage, there are no plans to print a physical copy of the comic, but it would be something we might do in the future.

Art Sneak-peek. - Early sneak-peeks

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