🪙$KIMO Token

The Token

The Kimosbe Art Token $KIMO is created to reward NFT owners. By staking Kimosabe Art NFTs you will earn rewards. $KIMO will be used to enter raffles and to mint limited collections (in the future). The total supply is 10 million tokens. The token holds no monetary value and will only be used for utility, therefore it will not be listed on a DEX. The only way to receive $KIMO is through staking or buying from other users.

How to stake?

For the staking we will be using the Mutants Labs service. Connect your wallet to https://labs.mutant-nft.com/projects/mutants?tab=staking and choose the NFTs you want to stake. You can both stake onchain or offchain (non-custodial). When staking offchain the NFTs will remain in your wallet. Connect your wallet to Mutant Labs to activate both staking options.

Double rewards

Since Mutant Labs are connected to Cardano Lands through an API you can stake both on Cardano Lands for $HEXO and on Mutant Labs for $KIMO. You will receive rewards for both. More instructions about the Mutants staking can be found here: https://mutants.gitbook.io/mutant-labs/guides-users/how-to-stake-and-claim-your-rewards

What can you do with $KIMO?

The token holds no monetary value, the two main purposes of the $KIMO token are to enter regular raffles to win prizes. This can be different things like merch, 1/1s, NFTs, ADA, NFTs, and more. We will see what we can find. Second, the token will be used to mint some limited collections only available with the $KIMO token. Limited Collections

NFT owners will have the opportunity to mint limited NFT collections using the $KIMO token.

Claim rewards?

You can claim your $KIMO tokens here: https://labs.mutant-nft.com/rewards


Machine Headz Chaos Edition Policy: f4ae899bda2d478baec88620a06108619b231dfc6197be2a3b74a0ea Rewards: 0.2 Amount: 1054

Machine Headz Carnage Edition Policy: 243f0ca18ded6b45ba87655ce3917abc8e04830b23ba1f498de67a8a Rewards: 0.2 Amount: 1070

Skull Surfers Policy: 6be85a612035df47b2ce78ef190f0fb256b9dcc198cb154975d82b19 Rewards: 0.2 Amount: 2221

Survival Arena 2 Policy: 9c3e2be9d3ab650b97c8c07438e0573d9ce4193b3c0ee072a5146b53 Rewards: 0.3 Amount: 212 when done minting

Hades Policy: b3302b3b56c72fb719a9dab4b769f3ef14aa1ad1178ffda4fd1c0740 Rewards: 0.2 Amount: 296

Jada Life Policy: d1c2e4eb603dc0f04dc4e086702c7855745b94e3ed1d9e2d62c440e4 Rewards: 0.6 Amount: 116

Cyberpunk S2 Policy: 8478d0f713a5740788bb00ec4d17f2c67b00b42a2b64cdd2c04559e5 Rewards: 0.5 Amount: 268

Machine Headz Policy: 8f63e08467bfbbc260a382a80f3297f9a569fca0293f296620d72d17 Rewards: 0.5 Amount: 1030

Hellhounds Policy: 54a9f2bed754897621d05a654eee1401a014cc8152c607cb49a68e1d Rewards: 0.4 Amount: 306

Survival Arena 1 Policy: 731fe1ccc2a5f1ddc9475db302c8a04919bc8bb75288bcb6d8f13364 Rewards: 0.4 Amount: 312

Symbiotes Policy: a4c634ee5f8edc1ca5b755c306612a1f7058c02dc08d51a19ea856ab Rewards: 0.8 Amount: 53

Gojira Policy: 5f7409f326073c20f045f7ef4184a943f56b8c15487e2d0507cd4d77 Rewards: 0.8 Amount: 49

Skull Lord Policy: 89b24bdac2cadbd45df77c76d04626eab96052de606c98dede01d6ce Rewards: 1 Amount: 11

Cyperpunk Samurais Policy: d070fd5fb0796793ff658aa74715f73166ba29efc18f54a445d5fc9f Rewards: 1 Amount: 39

Machine Headz Clan Leaders Policy: dcd1fa7b85bf5854fbe9f94238e9079fd502bf10ab2a3c26cf3d5465 Rewards: 1 Amount: 14

Zombie-Kong Policy: ef39cc887849ac29038fde5aea1f37f0ff240251aaf6938463c11560 Rewards: 1 Amount: 7

T800 Policy: 7b42adc18b3769119f66b71f0c7e3a16c382c343a2c8cbfe24046bf5 Rewards: 1 Amount: 12

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