Machine Headz is an NFT art first project. The primary desire is to create amazing animated art, so therefore the quality of the art will be the top priority for the project. The first collection and season 1 was released in Q1 2022 with more collections scheduled for season 1 - all focused on the art, even the utility of the NFTs has been art focused as an airdrop to holders. The same thing goes for further seasons. With that said, all NFTs will be connected to more utilities. See the Community vote section for example.

Limited Collections

NFT owners will have the opportunity to mint limited NFT collections using the $KIMO token.


Owning a Machine Headz NFT grants you full ownership of the art, even commercial use for that specific piece. You are free to do what you want whit it.


See the collections section for more info. More collections will be added as the project grows.

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