To add value to the $KIMO token we have added a raffle system from Mutant Labs. This means you will be able to join weekly raffles to win some fantastic prizes by getting raffle tickets. These tickets are obtained with the $KIMO token, if you stake more NFTs, you will get more tokens to enter raffles with. Meaning a higher chance of winning the raffle. How to enter the raffle? In our Discord we have a channel called "Raffles", this is the place where we will post all raffles. If you find a raffle you want to join just click the link to the Mutant Labs platform, connect your wallet and get your raffle tickets. Here you find more info on how raffles work on the Mutant platform: https://mutants.gitbook.io/mutant-labs/guides-users/faq-raffles What to win? We aim to hold weekly raffles with the possibility to win a large variety of NFTs. But we will also on occasion add more exclusive raffles to win non-crypto-related prizes. For example merch, gift cards, printed art, t-shirts and more.

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