🎸Metal Music

Music NFTs

One of the goals whit Machine Headz has been to add metal music to future NFTs. The art is heavy metal and sci-fi inspired, to add real metal music is a natural evolution of Machine Headz. However finding metal bands that are interested has been a challenge, most of them don't know what NFTs are. But the search continues, the goal is to add more and more metal bands, and hopefully, we can onboard bigger and bigger names. The music part of Machine Headz is still early, but it got huge potential.

So far we have obtained interest to use the music from a Swedish metal band. The band plays aggressive metal/hardcore music and is awesome if you ask me. They got a record deal and exist on Spotify. More than that I won't tell you yet ;) Help to find bands

Do you have any band connections? Please reach out to me and let's see if we can add the music. We will pay a license fee to use the band's music. If you find a band you will be rewarded with a finders fee. We are mostly looking for metal bands, but some hard rock might also work.

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