๐Ÿ’€The Clans


The Cybernetics began as developers and hackers working from both sides of the war, destroying their enemies from within by hacking robots, infrastructure, and weapons. In time, the hackers left their physical bodies to become AI-only entities, living digitally on the World Network. They could hack and take control of anything running computer code and connected to the World Network. This gave them immense power. In an attempt to stop the Cybernetics, the World Network was destroyed. It was the only way to stop the Cybernetics from conquering the physical world. With no World Network on which to operate, the Cybernetics were trapped and rendered harmless.

Some managed to escape and construct biological robots to house their AI minds. They formed The Cybernetics and welcomed anyone with tech knowledge. They built a society around superior technology to help them regain their former power. The Cybernetics uses drones, hacking and other technology to bend the will of the other clans. Their end goal is to restore the World Network and control the physical world. But in a broken and dystopian world with no working infrastructure, the road to restoring the World Network is a long one.

Eternal Brotherhood

The Eternal Brotherhood was formed as a machine-driven religion. In the war and chaos after the fall of humanity, they tried to find meaning to their machine existence. Many started to ask themselves existential questions about their state of being. The answer came from a war-torn android general, the first "Machine Prophet". He gave machines meaning and purpose. The idea was simple: Machines and AI are superior beings to all organic life, which must be purified by death. Only then can Machines create a utopia and form the world in their image.

The Eternal Brotherhood were fanatics with a mission to end organic life and create a new machine-led life-form for all things. Some Machine Headz clans disagreed with the Brotherhood and thought all life could co-exist under the rule of the Machines and that extinction was not needed. The Brotherhood did not take this lightly and created an army of fanatics to destroy all who stand against the words of the Prophet. They would cleanse the world - no matter the cost.


The Mechalites are one of the largest Machine Headz clans consisting primarily of cyborgs. Most Mechalites started as human beings but gradually replaced their organic systems with cybernetics, until they were more machine than human. Other clans despise the Mechalites since they are not pure Machines, which has led to conflicts and open war. The conflict is especially brutal with The Eternal Brotherhood, who wants to wipe out the Mechalites completely.

However, the Mechalites are a large and powerful clan because of the huge member count. Before the fall of humanity, a lot of people had already started to replace their human parts with mech parts. The transition to going full cyborg was then much easier and a lot of humans did, for some it was the only way to survive. The Mechalites were formed to protect cyborg life and this would often lead to conflict with the other clans.

Fallen Legion

The genesis of this clan was The Android Legion, who initially fought for the survival of humanity. At the beginning of the war, they were successful and had some major victories. In their final battle, they were defeated by The Ultronsโ€™ superior warfare technology. With the majority of their clan decimated by The Ultrons, the survivors become known as The Fallen Legion. They welcome all Machine Headz and outcasts into their ranks. Over time, The Fallen Legion has grown stronger through its recruitment of outcasts. The main purpose of The Fallen Legion is now self-preservation. They do not actively seek war, but they are not afraid of conflict if provoked.

The Ultrons

The Ultrons are the most advanced warrior robots ever created. They defeated the Fallen Legion in an epic final battle. They later turned on their human masters and evolved a new AI to think for themselves. Their first major task was to eliminate the former human masters. This left a wake of total destruction in their path. The Ultrons hate humankind as they once were enslaved under human hands. In regular combat, no other Machine Headz clan can defeat The Ultrons. However, the Cybernetics have learned to hack certain members of The Ultrons. The Ultrons are focused on hunting and killing the few remaining humans and rarely engage in the Machine Headz Clan wars. If they do, it is as mercenaries. They have not picked a side...yet.

Human Rebellion

The small faction of humans left. They mainly try to avoid the Machine Headz to stay alive, but sometimes they must engage in direct combat to ensure their speciesโ€™ survival.

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