🧑‍🚀Looking for Partners

Kimosabe is looking for active partners in running and developing Machine Headz.

Machine Headz has for a long time mostly been run by me (Kimosabe). It is time to change this and elevate the Machine Headz brand to the next level. For this, I need some help. I am looking for a partner to help me run Machine Headz, someone who will bring their own ideas to the table and a huge level of commitment to the project.


I am looking for someone who can take a lead in running and growing the community, as a Project Manager. You, as Project Manager will engage a lot with the community and create content mainly for Discord and Twitter. Writing announcements, engaging with members, and working to grow the community and our public channels. The main responsibility will be to keep the community engaged, updated, and happy, using Twitter and Discord. You and I will plan our next moves together and it is important you bring your own ideas and opinions to the table, we might not always agree on what to do - and that is ok.


The most important thing is commitment. You don't need past experience and 10k followers on Twitter, but a will to learn, time, and commitment are most important. This project will be like a second job so you need to have the time and engagement to do it. You should love engaging and speaking with the community and are not afraid of hosting a Twitter space or jumping on a call with me, or partners if needed. Since we communicate in English you need to be fluent in the English language. I am not looking for someone who sees this as a way to make money, sorry to burst your bubble but it is not. You need to find joy in the work and enjoy building a project. Success comes after a lot of hard work.

Past experience is not a requirement - but it is a bonus.


This will be a paid gig, after a collection is sold out you will get a sale %. Maybe 5% and the rest will go to the project vault, from the vault you will get paid weekly or monthly with a fixed fee - the same thing will apply to me and everyone else involved in the project. This way we protect the project from people leaving after selling out or people who just want to cash in.

How to apply?

Let's keep this simple, start by sending me a message and tell me who you are and why you are interested. Please add some information about you and we take it from there. Also, add your Twitter name and other social media links.


No set deadline, I will not stress about this decision. This will probably take some time. The plan is to bring someone on board when we start the work on season 2.

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